A-72-year-old victim of Anti-Semitic Murder Dies

Photo via Josh Applegate on Unsplash.

The Orthodox Jewish community of New York City mourns the loss of 72-year-old Josef Neumann, who passed on March 29th. He was among the victims viciously stabbed by an intruder on December 28th of 2019, during the Hannukah celebrations at a local Rabbi’s home.

Unfortunately, Josef, a father of five, grandfather and great-grandfather never fully recovered from his wounds. The attacker caused irreversible damage to his arm and penetrated his skull with a machete knife.

Grafton Thomas, the 37-year-old perpetrator is currently held in the Westchester County federal jail on hate crime charges. He maintains his innocence and his lawyers are currently trying to go for the insanity defense, claiming that his open fascination with Adolf Hitler, as well as hand-written anti-semitic journals found in his possession, were the result of mental illness.


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