According To Trump, Places Of Worship Are “Essential” During Pandemic; He Threatens To “Override” Governors Who Refuse To Reopen Them

Photo via Joshua Eckstein on Unsplash.

During his May 22nd White House, President Donald Trump announced that churches and places of worship should be recognized as essential. He addressed the governors all over the country, claiming that they must greenlight public religious services this weekend. Numerous U.S. areas are still staying under the COVID-19 lockdown.

Nevertheless. Trump talked about “overriding” those who would refuse to open the churches in their respective states. He didn’t elaborate on that.

This is a crucial strategical move for Trump, who has always had tremendous support of predominately white evangelists, so it’s not surprising that he wishes to meet their demands as the elections are near.

Following Trump’s proclamation, CDCP wrote a guide on the safe opening of religious centers – from the preferable volume of crowds to the proper ventilation.


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