Armed Bouncer Needed For “Diverse White” Restaurant That Opens Despite Lockdown

C&C Coffee and Kitchen on Mother's Day of 2020. Photo via Nick Puckett on Twitter.

Colorado joins the US states that are too eager to defy the COVID-19 lockdown, despite the growing daily number of virus-related deaths. A new restaurant in Castle Rock is ready to begin in-door services, ignoring the fact that every other dining establishment across the state still provides only delivery and pick-up options.

This unnamed restaurant placed an ad on Craiglists on May 13th, which was first discovered by the Westword. The business describes itself as “dedicated to having no fear in the face of this pandemic,” and seeks an open carry bouncer.

The candidate will be required to “stand at the door and wear a shemagh, process customers of various ranges and shapes, from XL to XXXL, operate the DVD player on-site in order to replay the beach scene from the movie “Glory” and handle diverse clientele, ranging from ranch-white to suburban-white and militia-white.” Salary options aren’t listed.

While the absurdity hints that the ad might actually be a parody, it does a pretty good job portraying the current situation in the country, the Westword says. Conservatives and right-wingers have been actively protecting the pandemic safety measures for weeks now, turning to threats and open carry of assault weapons.

As for restaurants, the last huge incident in Castle Rock took place on Mother’s Day. A local coffee shop, C&C Coffee and Kitchen, reopened hosting dozens of customers with no facial coverings. Two days before that the C&C official Twitter account addressed President Trump with: “@realDonaldTrump? We are standing for America, small businesses, the Constitution and against the overreach of our governor in Colorado!!” 

According to the Westword, the tweet included a link to a Facebook post that said “No mask no problem btw.” The coffee shop has since been ordered closed by the state.

Colorado is currently trying to carefully relax the measures of Governor Jared Polis’ Safer at Home program. During his May 8th press conference Polis expressed hope that on-site dining might be back by May 25th, but it depends on the COVID-19 statistics. 


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