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Paul grew up a theater kid — and it is something that sticks with you for life. In his pre-teen years, he used to nurture the dream to become a Disney World actor but opted out after watching a documentary on investigative journalism, which seriously changed a thing or two. While Paul never betrayed his love for acting and directing, he started to dedicate more and more time to reading writing, which inevitably led him to receive a B.A. in Media&Journalism from the University of South Dakota. He left the much-beloved native Sioux Falls in 2011 and settled in Boston, working with several non-profit investigative journalism organizations, serving as a co-editor for the Kratos podcast and becoming a powerhouse of diverse journalism. Paul also makes sure that the DemocracyForUs audience doesn't forget: art is for everyone and it liberates us all. Email:morales@democracyforus.org

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