Black Columbia Uni Professor Flagged Down, Told To “Leave The State” By Unknown White Men In Vermont

Photo via Vincent Tinker on Youtube.

Vermont State Police issued a statement on May 13th, saying they were investigating a possible hate-based altercation that took place in Hartford last week.

Christopher L. Brown, a Columbia University history professor, was driving his 11-year-old son through town on Friday morning. They were on route to buy a present for Brown’s wife, when two motorists flagged them down, reports the Grio.

Brown stopped his car, thinking that the owners needed assistance with car trouble. Instead, he was met by two white males, who verbally harassed and then threatened him, saying that he was not welcome in the state of Vermont and needed to leave.

Professor Brown, thinking about the safety of his child, managed to drive away without engaging in a physical confrontation.

In his statement to the police, Prof. Brown states that his vehicle had New York plates, which could be the thing that caught the attention of the men. New York is the other residence of the Brown family, but they moved to their Vermont home after schools had been closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Vermont Governor Phil Scott claims that he spoke with Prof. Brown in person and added that he fins “this kind of thing” unacceptable. “It does not represent my views or who I believe we are as a state,” Scott said in his interview with MyNBC5,

The conflict is currently being investigated, as the authorities search for the individuals who flagged Christopher Brown’s car.


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