CDC Announces That Masks Should Be Worn On Subways Who Enforces


The CDC has come out and announced that the wearing of masks on subways must be worn. As the pandemic continues to rise inexorably. The wearing of protective masks, social distancing and avoiding large crowd gatherings should be mandatory. Unfortunately, there are mixed signals from authorities which are making things difficult. There has been no information advising that these should be mandatory. However, there are still conflicting signals with people confused as to what they need to do. This particular signal involves the use of subway trains specifically. They are asking people to refuse to get on the subway if someone is not wearing a mask. Wearing a mask is not mandatory so how are people going to keep to this advice?

There is high time there is a cohesive procedure regarding all this. Because the numbers are climbing rapidly and there are only two states left that are showing a drop in numbers. It will not be long if they too succumb.

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