Chicago Police Officer Shoots Subway Rider In Back (VIDEO)


New evidence of police brutality has come to light through a bodycam video from Chicago.

The footage issued on April 28th was unearthed by the Civilian Office Of Police Accountability (COPA), an independent Chicago-based organization. The footage takes us back to February 28th, when 33-year-old Ariel Roman was seriously injured in a confrontation with police.

While a cellphone video of a confrontation was previously released, this new evidence reveals new details. Roman is filmed running up an escalator when a bullet hits him from behind. He falls and two cops rush to him and handcuff him. There’s a wide trail of blood on the Grand Station floor.

Roman lived but underwent several complicated surgeries and later sued the city of Chicago, NBC reports. His other injuries included a wound in the stomach plus the aftermath of a taser and a pepper spray.

The investigation revealed that Roman was arrested for using the subway train’s gangway doors. They have since been suspended and could face charges if a further investigation proves the shooting to be unjustified.


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