Chicago Police Officer Shoots Subway Rider In Back (VIDEO)


New evidence of police brutality has come to light in a bodycam video from Chicago.

The video released on April 28th, is one of almost 30 documents unearthed by the Civilian Office Of Police Accountability (COPA), an independent Chicago-based organization. The footage takes us back to February 28th, when 33-year-old Ariel Roman was seriously injured in a confrontation with police. 

While a cellphone video of a confrontation was previously released, this new evidence reveals new details. Roman is filmed running up an escalator when a bullet hits him in the back. He falls forward and two police officers rush to him and handcuff him. There’s a wide trail of blood on the Grand Station floor. 

Roman, a short-order cook, survived but had to undergo several complicated surgeries and is now suing the city of Chicago, NBC reports. His other injuries caused by the police officers included a wound in the abdomen and the aftermath of being tased and pepper-sprayed. 

The investigation revealed that the officers arrested Roman for using the subway train’s gangway doors. Both of them have since been suspended and could face charges if further investigation proves the shooting to be unjustified.

“As the civilian-led administrative investigative agency of police misconduct, immediately following the incident, COPA recommended the two involved Chicago Police Department officers be relieved of police powers due to the serious nature of both officer’s actions and the Department concurred,” the COPA representatives said in their Tuesday statement.


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