Child Abuse Background Checks are Now Mandatory for Universities in Pennsylvania

Photo via Brett Jordan on Unsplash.

All faculty and coaches at Pennsylvania’s state universities must undergo background clearances in relation to crimes against children. By ruling this on March 26, the state Supreme Court overturned the previous 2018 decision.

That former decision used to allow the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties to dispute the terms of those checks. On Thursday Justice Debra Todd stated, that “[…] Protection of minors constitutes a nonbargainable inherent managerial policy.”

She named the recent Penn State University sexual abuse scandal as the driving force behind this new policy.

From now one, the personnel of 14 state universities are required to get clearance from the FBI, the Pennsylvania State Police, and the Department of Human Resources. The clearances will remain valid for 5 years.

University professors and coaches also must submit any information about their child abuse criminal records to their employees.


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