Child Cases Rise In Last Two Weeks In New Report


Coming across the Latest report on the pandemic it was startling to discover that in the last two weeks infections have risen by approximately 13%. This is at a time when children are heading back to school and represents a whopping figure. The authorities still think that id everyone works together that is parents, teachers and medical staff it is doable. There have to be strict guidelines on social distancing rules. Masks and meticulous hygiene procedures must be in force. To avoid the spread of infections affecting more students. States are reporting greater numbers. A resurgence this Autumn for the virus was anticipated. Strict testing and isolating infected children from others is mandatory

Hospitals in some states are beginning to sound alarms about the numbers of pandemic cases. This is because it places further pressure on medical facilities and staff to treat non-virus cases. These include heart attacks and serious accident cases as an example.

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