Chinese Supermarket Derides Its Plus-Size Customers


Companies have been known for faux pas from the when business began. However, some are very blatant and trample on people’s rights. Take the case of the recent case in China. A clothing company actually derided plus size women saying they were deplorable and ugly for their size. This has a background as there has been a push to get people eating less. This is to make it possible to feed the country’s large population. It was only a brief period before the company involved was being derided all over the internet. In fact, the derision went viral and the company had to immediately go into damage control. It is ok to think that you are backing the policy. But when that impacts your audience adversely then the backlash is inevitable.

The women’s league has advised that in no way is it acceptable to upset and deride your customer base. Companies should take care of how their audience will perceive derision to them.


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