Conservatives Publicly Hang Effigy of Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear While Rallying For Second Amendment

Photo via WHAS11.

A so-called “Patriot Day Rally” that took place on May 24th in Frankfort, Kentucky, resulted in sickening performance — a public hanging of a rag doll with a cut-out of Gov. Andy Beshear pinned to it.

The effigy was hanging from a tree on the Capitol grounds long enough to be seen by the dozens before one of the participants volunteered to remove it. Thie act has already been shunned by both Republicans and Democrats as a clearly aggressive act.

Kentucky Republicans have already issued a statement, calling the action an insult to the idea of free speech and to the memory of “those who died defending our right to speak freely,” while the state’s House Democrats called it an “act that reeks of hate and intimidation.”


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