Czech Teenagers Utilized In Hospitals To Help with Pandemic


It is very sad to understand that teenagers are now being utilized to help in hospitals. That have been overrun by the pandemic. There are so many patients that there is a panic on. Not without reason as a third of fully-fledged doctors and nurses are now sick themselves. As a result, teenagers do what they can as trainee nurses. They help with hygiene cleaning patients and facilities as part of long 12 hour shifts. Consequently, the situation is getting so bad that some hospitals have had to close in the latest surge. Subsequently, doctors who are much overworked say they do not know how this will go on. Teenage trainee nurses are very welcome and very helpful only they cannot replace qualifies nurses and much-needed doctors.

Some help has been offered from other countries only it is a drop in the ocean and the military is doing all it can but difficult when the problem is the same in all regions.

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