Deer In Japan Saved By Plastic Bags Being Replaced By Ingestable Bags


Kind act leads to both development and justice. A man who was very concerned about the deaths of deer who are considered sacred. Set about to fix the issue which was multifold. The deer were local celebrities and used to being pampered with treats. Unfortunately, they were ingesting the plastic bags that the food came in and were dying as a result. As a result, this was not good to the reputation of the place and he partnered with a local paper manufacturer. Subsequently, they found that rice husk included waste which they could turn into ingestable bags. Further development has brought the price down and the National Park involved has already ordered them The point being that is we try there is no end to what we can achieve and how many injustices we can right.

The will to help others including animals around us helps in the balance of nature and must be a primary aim.


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