Democrats Do It Better, the Social Distancing Data Proves

Photo via Isaac Holmgren on Unsplash.

American Democrats have already shown their serious stance on COVID-19 when the Pew Research Centre revealed that 59% of them embrace the anti-pandemic measures. The new portion of data proves that they did not lie, reported on April 2nd.

The statistics were collected by Unacast, a New York-based company that processes location data from mobile gadgets. It works with apps such as digital maps and guides, whose privacy policies allow collecting some of their users’ information.

Since the social distancing politics began to gain momentum in February, the total distance that the U.S. citizens regularly traveled decreased — but not everywhere. In some states and counties it either increased or barely changed.

One of the major reasons for that lays in political beliefs, the Unacast data shows. All the states with a 44% decline in regular travels are Democratic, whilst the states with a modest 29% decline are mostly Republican.


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