“Dems Will be Removed by Death”: Nancy Pelosi’s Life Threatened, FBI Gets Involved

David Weslee Blake Perry
David Perry’s alleged mugshot circa 2010. Photo via News Channel 6.

A 27-year-old resident of Wichita Falls, Texas has caught the attention of the authorities after making open death threats towards Nancy Pelosi. He’s now facing up to 5 years in federal prison.

The man, David Weslee Blake Perry used his Facebook account to post hostile remarks about the members of the US government. After calling Speaker Pelosi “apart of a satanic cult” (sic), he urged: “I advise everyone to Go [shoot on sight] and use live rounds.”

The FBI’s Dallas Field Office began an investigation, which led to David Perry’s arrest. He received transmitting a threatening communication in interstate commerce charges and made his initial court appearance on March 26.

During the arrest, Perry accused law enforcement of violating his First Amendment rights (which, as he claimed, should be punished by death). He insisted that his Facebook threats were a warning against “tyrannical” Democrats.

According to public information, a Wichita man with the year of birth and similar name as David Weslee Blake Perry has been previously arrested on several occasions. Original charges included evading arrest, marijuana possession and assault/bodily injury of a family member.


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