Disney Is Changing Splash Mountain’s Racially Stereotyped Theme To ‘Princess And The Frog’

Splash Mountain, the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort. Photo via Jennifer Lynn on Flickr.

Disney is promising to revamp Splash Mountain after decades of debate over the dubious nature of its theme.

One of the most popular Disneyland rides, a log fume presented in half of the company’s parks all over the world, is infamous for being based on the 1946 Song of the South — a part-animated, part-live-action film which glorifies antebellum America. The movie is also known for stereotyping African-American people and appropriating their folklore.

As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to rise, Disney finally admitted that changes were needed, officially declaring that the Splash Mountain theme will be switched to the 2009 animated musical Princess and the Frog. The new aesthetic and musical numbers are promised to echo the movie, which tells the story of a young African-American girl Tiana and a bewitched foreign prince in New Orleans. Therefore, the backdrops and overall style of the re-imagined ride will be reminiscent of Louisiana streets and bayous.

According to Disney’s statement, the first ones to undergo the concept change will be the Splash Mountain rides at Southern California’s Disneyland Park and Magic Kingdom Park in Florida.


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