Donald Trump Desperately Watching His Approval Ratings Fall


What a difference from the start of the virus to this present time. When the virus first broke out in the US Trump’s approval rating was at its highest since he was elected. It peaked at 48% and has subsequently fallen to 42%. ( Reuters/Ipsos poll ). 

When matched against Joe Biden the numbers are worrying for Trump among registered voters nationwide a CNN poll shows Biden at 53% versus Trump’s 42%. 

America has watched Trump’s press briefings which are a daily ritual that can run for over an hour. Even his own allies and Republican lawmakers believe the briefings are hurting his image and allowing for daily fact checks on disinformation being aired in the briefings. 

No one likes to see the President of the strongest nation on earth getting upset with journalists daily accusing them of falsifying news regularly rendering the briefings at times as farcical. 

Trump’s staunch supporter Lindsay Graham is among those wanting Trump to tone down the briefings and limit them to once a week. 

The Wall Street Journal is usually quite forgiving when it comes to these matters and the President, they too have come out against Trump’s daily presentations. 

The Coronavirus pandemic could be the event which defines Trump’s capability of running the Country and affect his upcoming re-election. 


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