ETA Refuses To Regulate Tap Water Contaminant That Causes Fetal Brain Damage

Photo via Unsplash.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declines to regulate a water contaminant known as perchlorate.

The toxic chemical used for creating explosives and rocket fuel has been detected in the drinking water system that serves up to 17 million people in America. It has also been named as one of the causes of fetal and infant brain damage.

Back in May 2019 EPA, run by Republican Andrew Wheeler, proposed a standard to limit perchlorate in drinking water. But on May 14th of this year, a source within the agency reported that EPA will admit that the toxin “can cause I.Q. damage,” but won’t proceed with any regulations since it is “not in the public interest,” reports the New York Times.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, perchlorate damages hormone production crucial to brain development, which makes it especially dangerous for pregnant people and small children. The military massively contributes to the presence of perchlorate in tap water by contaminating soil. The toxin has the ability to travel fast into ground and surface water, ending up in our homes.


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