Facebook Must Be Broken Up


The spotlight by the DOJ on the largest technology companies has involved another tech giant with two antitrust lawsuits. This threatens a breakup of the giant. The focus is on two prior mergers which have grown to make the company an unrivalled monopoly. Given its role and influence in our lives especially in the US, this is important. Claims that the company has by questionable means bought out any threats to its dominance. Also by weaving them into a whole have stymied any attempt at a breakup. It’s hiring of experienced antitrust lawyers in recent years points to the companies awareness. It has been preparing a long time for this very threat and has been taking steps to mitigate any action. Both the companies now embroiled in the DOJ lawsuits are a major part of the internet and its knowledge base. Thus on that basis on education.

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Catherine is our Co-Editor. provides insight on educational issues in America, including legal, social and ethical angles. Catherine considers “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear" to be the answer to every existential question out there. Because, truly, the greatest mistake of them all is to believe that you are educated enough and stop learning. After earning her MSE in Educational Theory and Practice from Arkansas State University, Catherine started working as a reporter. So far, she has devoted 11 years to it, covering K-12 and higher education, editing for Future Knowledge, Academia, Apis Gazette, and The Sacramento Post. Catherine believes that every human has the inherent right to learn and be whoever they aspire to become. She provides insight on educational issues in America, including legal, social and ethical angles. Email:green@democracyforus.org


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