FBI Calls The Missouri Islamic Center Fire ‘Suspicious’

Photo via KFVS.

The start of Ramadan was darkened by an early morning fire in the Islamic Center of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

The first responders had to evacuate the residents of the several apartments on the Center’s second floor. Some of them were already having breakfast.

One of the firefighters nearly got lost in the layouts if the building became disoriented and had to send a ‘Mayday’ signal. But eventually, all the residents got outside unharmed, reports KFVS.

The upper floor received significant damage, and the nature of the fire points to arson. According to law enforcement authorities and Travis Hollis, the chief of the Cape Girardeau Fire Department, it took off from the center’s front entrance. The FBI has set a $5,000 reward for valid information about potential perpetrators.


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