Florida Democrats Fight for a Better Stay at Home Order

Photo via Reiseuhu on Unsplash.

It is not easy to simply comply with orders to stay inside when you don’t know what your rights are. This is what is currently happening in the state of Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis released the newest list of the quarantine rules last week. On April 6th several members of the state’s Democratic party criticized the document, noting its contradicting statements and loopholes. 

WearTV quotes the Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried’s statement; he points out that the Governor’s new orders are too vague and need more clarity. Therefore, the Floridians are forced to self interpret, trying to understand what is and what isn’t allowed. 

For instance, the new rulings are presumably meant to provide more strict Shelter in Place orders, including social distancing requirements. But at the same time, the offline religious services and gatherings are still allowed — Gov DeSantis claims the temporary pandemic ban would be unconstitutional. 


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