Germany & France Forced To Lockdown Partially


The two biggest economies in Europe have just partially locked down again. Consequently, the pandemic numbers are spreading fast. A decision had to be taken on partial lockdown. As a result, they have both introduced measures that restrict going out but for the essentials of everyday living. Unfortunately, one of them already has the largest infection rate in Europe. The other has shut down all pubs restaurants etc in an attempt to curtail the spread. However, how effective these measures will be is open to question. Consequently, only time will tell if they make any difference. Or they have to move back into full lockdowns. The situation is escalating rapidly moving from bad to worse. Hospitals are in danger of not having enough beds.

The US is coming up against a similar surge in the coming weeks. Numbers are increasing and similar conditions are prevailing. As a result, health authorities are stating that the numbers have nothing to do with the testing figures. Subsequently, hospitals are also on the edge of being overrun in certain areas as reported recently.


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