Google Done with Infowars, Deletes the Right-Wing App

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Not so long ago Google Play remained the last resort for the InfoWars project. That finally ended on March 28th with Google deleting its app.

InfoWars, a creation of the infamous radio personality Alex Jones earned its controversial reputation by serving as a platform for right-wing conspiracies and hate speech. Over the course of two years the project was gradually banned by Apple, Spotify, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.

Then Alex Jones began to use Infowars to promote non-FDA approved and outright fraudulent anti-Coronavirus solutions.

He started off by doubting the necessity of self-isolation and quarantining. That pretty soon turned to advertising anti-malarial drugs, antibiotics, zinc, and even Superblue Toothpaste as in-home remedies for COVID-19.

Back on March 10th Alex Jones already received a cease and desist letter from Attorney General Letitia James, who called him out on his “outright lies”.


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