Governments Facing Backlash On A second Lockdown In Europe


There is a backlash happening in major cities in Europe among regional authorities and Governments. The regional authorities do not want to impose lockdowns again and Governments say that given the numbers they have no choice. However, it goes deeper than that. People are fed up with the inconsistencies and view them very poorly. They say that no sooner that things are going back to normal when another they are going back into a much worse situation. A group of businessmen brought a case before a court. Who has ruled that they can not be forced into curfews. The evidence is not sufficient to claim that their opening outside the curfews affects the virus numbers. There is no doubt that many countries have more pandemic numbers than the earlier parts of this year.

This disparity between regional authorities, the courts and Governments is causing a lot of confusion. It also does not make for a unified policy which is much required at this time.


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