Governors Go Rogue

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President Donald Trump has put his foot down stating he is the one to fully decide when the U.S. reopens as the statistics reveal a slight reduction in the COVID-19 spread.

State Governors are not buying that. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo formed a council with five Democratic Governors to address the reopening of their respective states – Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Republican Governors of Massachusetts and Maryland have so far kept a low key, for they also sit on what they call the Covid-Corridor the I-95 highway from Florida to Maine along the east coast.

In a televised address the Governors praised each other on how they have handled the pandemic. Cuomo was adamant that it was not the federal governments remit to declare when to reopen the states. He went on to describe the closure of each state was left to the individual state to take as well as taking decisions for purchasing supplies. He cited it as a model that was adopted for the emergency. He did not understand how the states were responsible for closing and that the President would be responsible for deciding when the states should open.


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