Indian Transgender Laws Require Looking At Again Say Transgenders.


Rape laws in this large an populous country are under scrutiny. This is because although rape by men on women carries a hefty 10-year+ sentence. That of the same crime on a transgender person only carries a two-year sentence. Advocates of human rights and gender equality are pointing out. That the transgender law recently introduced requires harsher laws on crimes against them. There needs to be another look at these laws as they exist. It is not only crimes but also their welfares in general life in society that require to be addressed. An example is the state requires their ID’s in order to allow a shop to be opened by them. This, however, is difficult to show as the ID may show they were a woman previously and now in appearance a man.

Failure to show this ID results in the Landlord not giving them terms on renting the said shop. A lot more needs to be done.

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