Ivanka Trump’s Nepotism Mocked After Her Father Signs The Skills-Over-Degree Executive Order

Jared Kushner (left) next to Ivanka Trump in 2020. Photo via Shealah Craighead.

Ivanka Trump’s gleeful support of the new executive order issued by POTUS received a wave of sneers. 

On June 26th President Donald Trump signed the new order that promises federal hiring on the basis of “skills,” and not on degrees or other professional qualifications. The White House’s official Twitter account posted a video of Ivanka Trump supporting the new ruling and talking about the importance of hiring people who are “passionate” and “driven.”

The users responded with reminding the POTUS daughter about her nepotism advantage that landed her (and her husband Jared Kushner) the position of the President’s Senior Adviser. The absolute majority of responses was people sarcastically wondering if Ivanka, who officially receives no salary, but has a tremendous influence on her father, will have to leave her position now, alongside her spouse. 


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