John Bolton Criticized For Sitting On Trump’s Pressure Campaign Testimony In Favor Of His Own Memoir

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

House Democrats are calling out John Bolton, President Donald Trump’s former National Security adviser, for putting self-serving hypocrisy above what is right and refusing to testify in Trump’s impeachment trial before Congress.

Bolton, fired by Trump in September for “strong” disagreements with the President, was strongly urged to speak out about the President’s alleged withholding of military aid to Ukraine while demanding it to investigate Joe Biden. While Bolton has initially said he was willing to testify if subpoenaed. At the same time, his attorney threatened to sue is the subpoena was issued, and The House Intelligence committee eventually decided against it.

Now, House Democrats are accusing Bolton of hypocrisy as the reviews for his book “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir” are in. According to the outlets such as The NY Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, the author does, in fact, mention that Trump’s pressure campaign against Ukraine did happen — which means that Bolton most likely refused to testify in order to save the information for his book.


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