Kanye West Backs The Protestors In Nigeria Against Police Brutality


Hard-working Nigerians especially youths have simply had enough and have been protesting for weeks. At issue is a police unit which is an anti-robbery squad has been harassing and tormenting ordinary people. As a result, celebrities in the developed world have come out in unison with the people to highlight their plight. They say it is the same kind of police brutality. That they facee in their own countries. They have been spearheading funds campaigns to help fund the protestors in their fight against injustice. Subsequently, the Nigerian president has ordered the deployment of the unit to be split up and sent to other units.

That has not satisfied the protesters who say they must be thrown out of the force. Brought to justice for their crimes against the people. Police used teargas, water cannon and live ammunition against the protestors to disperse them. Consequently they have been told to go home

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