Kentucky Senate Candidate Amy McGrath Stands By Her Ad That Mentions McConnell And Other Republicans (VIDEO)


Kentucky Senate candidate Amy McGrath is still supporting her TV ad even though it got rebuked by two of the governors mentioned in it.

The ad features the Democrat candidate and retired Marine McGrath citing several U.S. governors from both Democratic Party and GOP as the examples of true leadership during the COVID-19 outbreak. McGrath then switches to Mitch McConnell, criticizing Senate Majority Leader’s refusal to pass the “blue state ballots.”

The ad was blasted by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, a Republican who was one of those praised by McGrath. DeWine expressed his disappointment in McGrath’s “attack” on McConnell whom he called his friend. Another Republican Governor, Larry Hogan of Maryland chimed in with a tweet, thanking McGrath for the praise but accusing her of pointing fingers and politicizing the pandemic.

But McGrath stood by her stance, saying that some remarks have to be objective despite your political views and not viewed “through a red or blue lens.”


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