Liquor Store Owners Stress Over New Restrictions in Indiana

Photo by Kyle Wagner on Unsplash.

Reducing the number of people outside is still the most important priority for the U.S. during the pandemic, and the new restrictions are issued every day. In the state of Indiana the latest changes have fallen on liquor stores which now are required to switch to curbside pickup. 

The new rules issued by Governor Eric Holcomb on April 7th, come into effect today. But the difference of reactions from the store owners and their customer highlights a problem. quotes Gary Gardner, an operations manager for Belmont Beverage who says that the curbside pickup services require serious logistic changes. 

“Somebody is going to have to be curbside, somebody has to pull it, somebody has to ring it up, somebody has got to get it out and we have never done this before to this extent”. 

Meanwhile, the customers do not think much about it — they are certain that processing a curbside pickup order is easy and not very different from the way liquor stores usually operate. 


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