Minneapolis Protests: Trump Threatens With Military Intervention Again

Photo via MSNBC.

President Donald Trump declared the military ready to arrive in Minneapolis should the state’s government require its intervention.

On May 20th, not long after posting his controversial tweet about willing to greenlight shooting of the protestors in Minneapolis suspected of looting, Trump made a comment about “teaching” the protestors currently rallying for justice for George Floyd, a black man slowly suffocated by a police officer in public.

The Minnesota government has to be “tough, strong, respected,” said Trump. He also mentioned that it currently has National Guard’s forces in the streets,

A federal law known as the Insurrection Act lets governments request military assistance if civil unrest takes place in their state. Jonathan Rath Hoffman, assistant secretary of defense for public affairs, also announced that they contacted Minneapolis Gov. Tim Walz two times in the past day only, insisting on their willingness to deploy active-duty forces to his state as soon as he asks.


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