Minneapolis to Dismantle Its Police Department

Lisa Bender. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Minneapolis City Council members are intending to disband the Minneapolis Police Department and introduce a public safety model instead.

Thirteen days after a local black man George Floyd lost his life in the hands of a white police officer, the protests against police brutality and systematic police brutality are still active all over the U.S. The protests were met with more violence from the authorities, with people accusing the police of shooting peaceful gatherings with rubber bullets and spraying them with tear gas.

It seems like the city council has finally heard the uproar, vowing to disband MPD during the June 7th meeting. Lisa Bender, the council president, addressed the communities, saying that they are being heard and admitting that the current state of law enforcement in Minneapolis is failing the city.

Bender also described the present-day relationship between Minneapolis and MPD as “toxic” and added that they need to cease.

The absolute majority of the councilmembers agreed with the necessity of dismantling MPD as soon as possible, switching to a “holistic public safety model”, reports The Appeal. The details of this project are yet to be revealed.


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