Minnesota Republicans Condem BLM Protests In Twin Cities, Say The State Needs Fewer Democrats

Jennifer Carnahan. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

As the Black Lives Matter protests all over the U.S. enter their fifth-day stage, Jennifer Carnahan, Chair for the GOP of Minnesota finds a way” to turn the situation into a “GOP vs. Dems” issue.

Opening the party’s convention on May 30th, Carnahan announced that Tim Walz, the governor of Minneapolis and Jacob Frey, the Mayor of Minneapolis, need to resign because they “failed our business owners, both small and large. They failed our residents and families. They failed our police. They failed our National Guard. They failed our minority and non-minority communities. They failed us all. And most importantly, they failed George Floyd,” said Carnahan.

She then proceeded to say that her speech indicated that the state would need to elect more GOP members this fall.

Minnesota is known for its long Democratic winning streak, which President Donald Trump wants to break, despite his current 53.3 percent disapproval in this state.


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