Missouri Changes The Way COVID-19 Testing Data Is Reported

Photo via Pexels.

According to the recent revel, the state of Missouri has presented data from two different forms of tests that was combined to create an illusion of a low percentage.

The Department of Health & Senior Services announced that the serology (antibody) test results were paired with the PCR (viral) nasal swab ones. The first type was created to detect if an individual has ever carried SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, thus developing antibodies in their system. The PCR one is taken via throat or nasal swabs to detect if an individual has SARS-CoV-2 in active form.

On May 22nd, the state of Missouri stated that only around 6.5% of locally conducted screenings were positive, but the separation of this data would later show that 8.3% of viral tests came back positive as opposed to 4% of antibody tests.

The Missouri Democratic Party slammed Gov. Mike Parson’s handling of the testing, in the latest official statement, saying that his administration failed to be transparent or competent.

“The Parson administration has not been honest with Missourians about how much testing we are doing and need to do,” the statement reads.


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