Neo-Nazis are Trying to Forcibly Infect Minorities with COVID-19 (Shocking Details)

Photo via Wikimedia

White supremacist groups are trying to weaponize the Coronavirus outbreak, urging their already infected members to spray bodily fluids on Jewish people, people of color and officers of the law. It was discovered by the Department of Homeland Security officers after monitoring a Neo-Nazi group on Telegram. The FPS (Federal Protective Service) discussed that information during one of their weekly intelligence briefs.

This information has never been officially released publically. However, a news outlet Yahoo got a hold on it, revealing it in the article on March 22. The mentioned brief took place on Feb. 17-24.

The FPS has classified the Neo-Nazis’ COVID-19 plans as bioterrorism. White extremists claimed that it was a must to spread the disease in the “nonwhite neighborhoods.” Suggested methods included leaving infected saliva on door handles, spraying it in public, lacing food and drinks.

It all took place the same week as President Donald Trump said that he expected COVID-19 to disappear “in a couple of days.”


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