New York Cop Arrested For Using Banned Chokehold (VIDEO)


A member of the New York Police Department has been indicted for using a prohibited chokehold against a Black man.

David Afanador can be seen in the video released by the authorities, as well as in a viral clip filmed by bystanders, wrapping an arm around a seemingly unarmed man’s neck while arresting him at Rockaway Beach in Queens. The timestamp indicates that the incident took place on June 21st, and the NYPD has since put the officer on unpaid leave. The man is now identified as 35-year-old Ricky Bellevue.

Afanador has received formal strangulation charges this week. Ha has already faced accusations of police brutality during a decade and a half serving as a police officer: in 2016 he was almost charged for pistol-whipping a teenager, breaking several of his teeth.


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