Outrage Expressed On The Passing Of A Bill To Stop The Filming Of Police


It is becoming more incumbent upon us to be aware of what is happening. At such a rapid pace around us, in the world. This is especially so when there is a large outcry against unfair legislation affecting our rights. Despite demonstrations and voices of alarm raised from respected rights advocates and agencies. Such a bill has been passed in a western democracy. That hitherto has portrayed itself a champion of justice. This law is disallowing the police to be filmed. The argument is that they should be able to do their duty without fear of recognition. In a counter argument by journalists and other protectors of justice.

Is how then can the police be held accountable.? Ordinary citizens can be filmed by the police. Only not the other way round. Subsequently, the bill was passed and now moves to the senate. Despite the evidence which proves countless incidents. Where amateur footage has identified the police to be guilty of breaking laws. Which have been instrumental in bringing them to justice


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