People Injured In Shooting At Mayfair Mall In Wisconsin


With reports that a number of people have been shot at in a mall we really must start to question our society. With all that is going on in the world presently it seems crazy to be adding to our troubles. There will always be those in society who feel like outcasts and prone to extreme acts. Reports coming out from this incident indicate the gunman a young white male. Had issues through arguments with some people and decided to start shooting indiscriminately. Are we so angry as a culture that rational thinking doesn’t come into play? This mall has also been the scene of recent protests for the killing by police of rioters. We really must start to question what kind of society we want to be. More importantly what societal norms we wish to adopt in order to live orderly and fulfilled lives.

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Alan is our Assistant News Editor who believes that our society is anything buy a bleak crowd. Alan is a soul searcher who believes that all the answers can be found through open-minded communication, which makes him an excellent interviewer and a bold reporter. He received his Media Studies major from Marquette University, and after 12 years in the print media, embraced his newfound love for web journalism and joined our team. His work has appeared in The Milwaukee Patriot, The Milwaukee Sentinel, Record News, and The Tampa Bay Tribune. Alan relies on integrity and compassion most of all. He also has a rare talent to remember that our society is not a bleak crowd, but a community of drastically different people. He describes himself as a keen observer who tries to use his sharp eye and razor tongue for good.


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