Pfizer Announces 95% Efficacy in Final Vaccine Trials


The company to first announce an efficacy rate above 90%. Has just announced that in the final trial analysis it is 95%. What is important is that this efficacy is happening across all age groups. Equally, it is also across ethnicities. A new trend seen recently and is especially noteworthy. Ethnic minorities are disproportionately impacted by this virus. Consequently, the company will continue with its over 100 clinical trials in many countries across the globe. It will request licensing approval requirements from US Authorities in a matter of days. It is also sharing its findings across many countries. Intending to publish them in medical peer reviews. Subsequently, it states it has hurdled its main weakness against a rival vaccine. That of its vaccine requiring very cold storage conditions. Which are not readily available everywhere.

It states it has worked out distribution storage with the use of liquid nitrogen. This achieves the necessary temperatures required. During transportation and storage of its vaccine to different locations.


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