Pod Of Whales Stranded And A Rescue Mission Ensues


A good news story is hard to come by in these days of economic strife and health pandemics.  There was a mass pod of whales that were stranded in south-east Asia. As a result, this was the largest pod stranded ever seen in the area. Subsequently, here were upwards of 100+ whales involved and a rescue mission went on through the night. Consequently, the heroic efforts of the people were heroic especially when one considers they do not possess the equipment. They had to utilize local jet skis from a club to pull the whales back into the water. The largest whale pod to get stranded on a beach included 500+ whales. This happened thousands of miles away from this spot.

No one knows why these events happen. There is a school of thought that perceives it to be a leading whale losing direction. Because they are highly sociable creatures they follow the leading whale without question.

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