Pulse Shooter’s Employee Won’t be Charged for Teaching Him to Kill

Governor Dannel Malloy visits Pulse nightclub memorial in Orlando on July 8, 2016. Photo via Flickr.

G4S, the world’s leading security company, will not face any consequences for training Omar Mateen, ruled the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal on April 2nd.

This decision dismisses the lawsuit brought against the company by the survivors of a 2016 hate crime massacre in Orlando, Florida. The perpetrator, 28-year-old Omar Mateen entered the local LGBT+ nightclub Pulse and used semi-automatic weapons to slay 49 visitors and wound 53. He was shot and killed by the police after a 3-hour standoff.

The investigation revealed that Mateen was previously hired as a security guard by G4S in 2007, training him to be a skilled licensed gunman. At least one of his colleagues complained to the employers several times about Mateen’s unstable, aggressive temper and constant violent remarks about Jewish people, LGBT+, and numerous different minority groups. G4S never investigated the complaints.


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