Racist TikTok Teens Expelled


Two Georgian high schoolers responsible for a shockingly racist TikTok video that has gone viral this week are finally getting punished.

The video shows two young white people, a male, and a female, filming a “recipe” that is supposed to “create” a stereotypical group of black people who they refer to as “N—- rs”. The “ingredients” include derogatory stereotypes such as “Don’t have a dad”, “Eating watermelon and fried chicken”, “Make bad choices”. At one point the male comments on the “Rob people” “ingredient” with “…Specifically whites, yeah, they do that”.

After the video caused an uproar on social media, people quickly identified the perpetrators as high school seniors from the Carrollton High School (CHS). On April 17th the CHS representatives officially declared that both students are now expelled. They will not be allowed to graduate. 


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