Restrictions Coming In – To Stem Numbers Of Pandemic


The situation on the pandemic in Europe continues to be graver by the day. We are not yet in full winter conditions and wonder what it will be like then. The approach now in Europe numbers have climbed past India, Brazil and the US is restrictions. In Germany, new restrictions are coming to stop bars serving at 11:00 pm. This is not a popular move according to one pub owner in Berlin. He thinks his business which is suffering already will be worse off even more. His view is that you can not people wanting to be together to celebrate. He also believes you can not stop young adults from partying. No country in Europe has managed this crisis well. Bars in Paris, Brussels and Scotland are facing the same restrictions.

London’s Mayor has stated he sees no other way out but imposing another lockdown. Here in the US, there are only two states that have not reported a spike in numbers.

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