Statue Causes Public Derision


There is never a dull moment in the field of philosophy or indeed it seems in sculptor. No sooner had a statuette been unveiled to celebrate a British writer and philosopher. That the critics were out in force. This derision was apparently because there is a small naked form of a woman atop a massive statue in silver. They argue that the woman who the statuette is meant to honour would have decried such a depiction. They claim that she stood for women emancipation. With the hope that women would build their own strengths not relying on anyone to do so for them. They claim that men were depicted with clothes as their achievements and accomplishments were important. Women on the other hand depicted in naked form only made them more vulnerable when running in the park. As it allowed them to be viewed for their bodies, not themselves.

The educational world is a minefield on these type of topics.

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