Surge In Virus Kills 80+ Elderly Disproportionately In Multi-Generation Households


We can learn a lot from the experience of others in countries in Europe. Where the pandemic is surging in numbers much higher than in the US. This is especially sad when the number of deaths is disproportionate among the 80+ years population. Infected by their own families as many live within multi-age households. This more acute in Asian households as seen in Europe. Thus where youngsters have caught the virus and not been adversely affected. Pass it own to their grandparents living in the same house and it kills them. We can learn a lot from this experience in the United States where we also have a multi-generational living, especially among minority and black communities.

It is also important in households that have grandparents living in different houses. As a result, it is critical to do everything that is possible not to accidentally infect them knowing it is a matter of life and death.


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