The Choice Of Exile Or Inmate In HongKong


What do young democratic activists do when they are caught in a vice so tight it is impossible to free oneself from. This is what is happening in a place that was the beacon of democracy in south-east Asia. The deal from British rule was to have continued democratic freedoms. Many believed this even though the writing was on the wall. This year with new legislation it no longer exists. Young activists have two choices to stay and face jail. Or flee and live as exiles away from their homes and families. Even then there is nothing to say that their activities abroad will not impact their families. In the former British province, those that stay fear the same threats jail or no freedom to express what is happening to them or their freedoms.

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John is our Senior Reporter who happens to hate social injustice. John fiercely believes in justice, but not in blinding ideology. A Philly native, he received a BA in Law and Society from University of Pennsylvania, and immediately began to test the waters in local media. He covered schools, non-profit organizations and politics for Philly Resource, Penn Impact, The Dot, Liberty Wheel, and Clarion County Bulletin. Since John is allergic to social injustice and shallow judgment, he is here to fight them with telling an honest story. He is certain that our Constitutional rights need protection more than ever, and aims to leave no stone unturned while contributing to that cause.


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