The UK Starts Vaccinating People From 50 Centres


The inoculations of the vaccine have started in the UK. Which makes it the first western nation to have them. Currently, the shots which need to be two at least three weeks apart. Are being given to those 80 and above at most risk by invitation. They are also being given to healthcare workers as a priority. The doses ordered will eventually be enough to vaccinate a third of the population. They are being distributed to vaccination nubs all over the country. There are still hurdles in that this particular vaccine requires to be stored at very cold temperatures. We have the facilities already in place at the vaccination nubs a health worker informs.

The prime minister hailed this day as a truly momentous one. He admits that virus cases are still climbing for example in London. Only reassures that we have taken a major step to getting back to normal. The US authorities are yet to approve the vaccine at the time of writing.

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