The University Of California Agrees To Multi-Million Law Suit Against Its Former Gyaencologist


In a case that shows how sometimes the education system can fail you. A massive multi-million dollar settlement has been reached by a famous university. The settlement is to compensate those in a class-action suit against it for hiring a gynaecologist with a very disturbing past and placing him among them. The women involved have claimed that he inappropriately fondled them, got them to undress unnecessarily and made suggestive and lewd comments. There are also other counts of penetration without consent. The doctor involved has pleaded innocence on all counts. However, apart from the few women who lodged the class action suit, there are six thousand plus others who will require to be included in the settlement.

This is not the first or the last case in this type of suit. There have been many before it and likely many after. It is hoped however that it will serve as a further lesson for those with a responsibility to their wards. To vet thoroughly the personnel they hire who are involved with their wards.

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