The US Experienced Higher Mortality Rates Than Other High Mortality Countries


Another very worrying report has highlighted that the US has a higher mortality rate from the pandemic as high mortality number countries where compared in a study recently. The results that the numbers were low initially in the US. However, they soon caught up and surpassed in numbers in these countries. The medical association made this report available yesterday. It is most worrying as the US has a very high population which is susceptible to spikes in more deaths.  A limitation in the study of high mortality rates is the difference in risk among these types of countries.

The factors that have made the US so prolific are many. They include an inconsistent response by policymakers to the pandemic as one factor. The health infrastructure is alsojudged to be weak. This assessment does not bode well when we have a serious resurgence taking place as we speak. This is occurring both in the US and the European continent.

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